Designer Monzer Hammoud


Founded in 2006, Pont des Arts Studio established their STUDIO DESIGN in Paris, to meet the demande for their Interior Design services in the Luxury Furniture sector.
Over the years, Pont des Arts Studio has built a reputation for producing a very high standards Furniture & Lighting.
The success of Pont de Arts is dow to a simple philosophy


Quality, Style and Respect of a Great Artisanal Tradition

This new collection presented by PONT DES ARTS
of jewelry furniture and lighting is a culmination of international references and a desire to offer a dream range of object created from nobel materials: gold, brass, silver, nickel and crystal.

This unique collection is equally harmonious in a modern or classic interior.
The quality of THE PONT DES ARTS objects is the result of two forces thought incompatible: Artisanaly crafted and modern design.

ARTISANAL because the object is crafted by hand: for exemple 3000 crystal beads assembled by experienced and highly trained crafts people.
MODERN because our specialists use state of the art tools, such as laser cutting technology.

PONT DES ARTS designs are the fruit of our experience and philosophy.

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